Monticelli Mud Wrap at Stillbrook Spa, Clearwater Suite Hotel, Fort McMurray, Alberta

Stillbrook Spa Signature Body Treatments

Body Strategist Wrap

A natural wrap to soften and recondition skin will increasing elasticity and firmness. Suitable for pregnancy and skin allergies

Body Strategist Wrap + Cellulite Remolder

Profound oxygenating, remineralizing and draining action to contrast the signs of cellulite and “orange peel” skin

Monticelli Mud Wrap

Fruity peel exfoliation followed by a thermal treatment of Monticelli mud, essential oils infused with Italian thermal water. Provides profound detoxifying and reducing action.

Anti-Aging Firming Wrap

Fruity peel exfoliation followed by an innovative D-Age treatment that reserves the body's elasticity and firmness. Enhances skin tone, reduces the visible signs of aging and is ideal for post-pregnancy.

New Mum

To restore firmness to slackened skin, reduce and improve stretch marks and restore structure to delicate bust skin.

New Life

Relief of common effects of pregnancy, such as dry skin, physical stress and localized edema.


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