Relaxing Massage at Stillbrook Spa, Clearwater Suite Hotel, Fort McMurray, Alberta

Stillbrook Spa Signature Facials

Everyday Comfort

40 minute express facial. Cleanse, tone, masque and moisture, with a facial massage and you're ready to go.

Glorious Skin Express

An express treatment to reduce expression lines and give a youthful look

Action Sublime

A favourite in Fort McMurray, this facial uses soy products and anti-oxidants to revitalize the skin. It teats and protects the skin from environmental damage, sun exposure and biological aging.


This is a splash of hydration for the face and neck. This treatment returns hydro-balance to the epidermis, helping restore tone, compactness and luminosity to the skin for prolonged youthful skin.

Skin Resonance

This facial will intensify the skin's natural defense mechanisms. This will help rebalance reactive skin that is prone to redness, fragile capillaries and coupe rose. This treatment will leave the skin feeling cool and relaxed.

Active Pureness

An intensive cleansing facial that helps control oil, impurities and breakouts. Ideal for skin prone to oil and acne. Our therapist will choose between green clay or algae mask to finish the treatment that will leave the skin feeling fresh and even

Absolute Pearl

Our Shining Star! This facial increases luminosity and provides oxygenating and anti-oxidant at ion. It will leave the skin glowing with a more uniform and lighter colour. This treatment is ideal for people with hyper pigmentation.

Recover Touch

Treatment for dry and sensitive skin. This treatment uses anti-oxidants to neutralize free radicals and nourish the tissue. Leaving the skin feeling calm and moisturized.

Chrono Reverser

A treatment for the ages! This facial stimulates cellular regeneration and effectively improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It is a deep awakening anti-aging treatment that will leave the skin with a new exceptional texture.

Dermalogica Customized Facial with Facial Mapping

Includes a cleanse, steam, exfoliate, massage, masque and moisture.

Tranquility Ritual Treatments (Bodywrap and Facial)

Pleasant sensation of well-being, relaxation of tense muscles, improved circulation, profound hydration and tone.


Man Space

Stillbrook Spa offers three facial treatments especially for men:

Anti-Aging Performance

Treatment to contrast wrinkles and expression signs

Hydra Performance

A treatment for dry and dehydrated skin. Ideal for skin that is compromised by biological and environmental stress, frequent flying, exposure to the sun and extreme weather conditions.

Pure Performance

An active purifying treatment to remove impurities, rebalance oil production and leave skin with a clear matte finish.


Add to Any Facial:

Lip Blooming Treatment

Restore hydration and protect against environmental aging with this lip treatment that will leave you with a tingling sensation for plumping effects.

Eye Care Treatment

Treat expression lines, dehydration and unsightly swelling with this toning eye treatment that will leave you looking refreshed.


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